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Poster: Freddie Jaye Date: Dec 27, 2010 8:08pm
Forum: texts Subject: Help, please?

I'm new to this section of the Archive (I usually haunt the movies and classic TV sections) and now feel as though I'm adrift in the ocean--no map, no sextant, no nothing.

Can anyone offer navigating tips? Is there a searchable database (like by-author, by-subject)?


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Poster: stbalbach Date: Dec 27, 2010 11:46pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Help, please?

Hi Freddie, welcome to text. Just as an aside, I used to watch a lot of movies, then discovered there are something like 150 million unique books in the world, compared to around 2 million movies. Not that I could consume 1% of either in a lifetime.

Not sure how to answer the question but I wrote an unofficial FAQ that may offer some places to begin. Probably the most interesting place is browsing through the new books uploaded each day, the FAQ has some tips on how to build a new books search to filter out/in material so it's easier to browse ie. English language only, no government stuff, perhaps no Google scans, etc.. there's usually a couple hundred new books uploaded each week-day, I've discovered and read some very obscure but good books that way.

If there's a particular author your looking for I can help with building an author search string, or see the first few FAQs for search string templates.


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Poster: Freddie Jaye Date: Dec 28, 2010 10:01am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Help, please?

Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like I'm off on an "interesting" hunt! ;)